Why? … because we’re the perfect partner

When you work with us, you engage in a partnership that provides optimal quality at the best possible price – on time, every time.

“We deliver uniform high quality to shipyards, docks and our own factories”

We offer the most comprehensive range of control and automation equipment services and we deliver our customary high quality to shipyards, dockyards and at our own factory.

  • We have more than 60 years of experience so our customers can rest assured that we can supply any type of electrical panel and complete control systems to marine industries.
  • We have a complete and flexible automation department at all our locations – and designated software engineers who have experience of working on marine projects. Tasks are coordinated between the various locations and we produce uniform quality and work to the same standards.
  • Service is part of our corporate DNA. We send our experienced, very competent employees across the globe. We perform service, repair, redesign and fit electrical panels – onshore as well as offshore. We test air circuit breakers (primary and secondary tests), and perform Megger and CABA Win analyses and voltage quality measurements, etc.

Our customers help us to develop all the time … fortunately

We innovate today – and create solutions for tomorrow. Development and innovation are integral parts of System Teknik, and have consistently driven our company for 60 years. Our customers present us with new challenges on a daily basis – and over the years we have gradually amassed a LARGE customer database.
Our track record is long and references include both international and local customers. Common to all our customers is that they expect us to deliver the best solution on time – every time.

A wealth of experience, know-how and quality are part and parcel of the solution