•   Marine

    International perspectives and expertise

    We ensure that your automation and control equipment is always in optimum condition. We’re please to come aboard – anywhere in the world.

  •   Energy

    Energy control – from design to implementation

    We ensure that your energy control systems deliver optimum performance. We focus on energy optimisation and maintaining a green profile.

  •   HVAC

    We are experts in creating innovative HVAC solutions

    We engineer control systems for HVAC customers based on years of experience and an unswervingly innovative approach.

  •   Industry

    We have a wealth of experience and can optimise your operations

    Maintenance and repairs, redesign and expansions. Maximum safety and quality in your control automation equipment.

  •   Infrastructure

    An efficient infrastructure needs efficient control

    Our wealth of know-how and experience in designing control and automation equipment for use in infrastructure projects make us the ideal partner.

  •   Electrician

    A local partner in a global set-up

    We have years of experience of working with control and automation equipment and can provide highly qualified solutions and optimum support – and always at the right price.

Intelligence in switchboards, control panels, automation and service

We are convinced that, with our international set-up, more than 60 years of experience and a large customer portfolio, we can continue to grow.

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